The DMRVFD has received a $20,000 grant from the Texas Forest Service to purchase fire rescue equipment.  The grant will be used to improve our fire and rescue response capability.

Marvin Voiers


                                              October 6, 2018  DMRVFD MITIGATION

Even though it rained pretty heavily last night and the grass was still very wet this morning, we were able to get the mitigation done today.  A big thank you to the people when showed up.  More people helping would have been great but we still got a lot accomplished.  As always the food was outstanding.  Thank you to the usual suspects for bring food to feed mowers.    Thanks to all of the volunteers:  Willis and Maria LeJeune, Cathy and Ken Gossett, Sandi and Stewart Billingsley, Vicky and Paul Conners, Darrel Lewallen, Sam House, Rebecca Leach, Bert Legarde, Marvin Voiers, Diana Strong Brevard, Jeanette Williams, Mariel Davis, Cindy Davis, Janette Winters, Edna and Sam Queen and our Chief Mike Fryer.      Thank you, Edna Queen - DMRVFD Secretary

Shannon Barron


Cathy Gossett

Vice President

Edna Queen


                                                                               FIREWISE PRESENTATION

On October 27th, the DMR Firewise community held their 2018 annual meeting.  Attendees viewed the video, "Wildfire" and received an Information package to guide their efforts at hardening their property against fire. Training was followed by a Q&A session to answer specific questions, and refreshments were served.  If you missed our meeting, and are interested in scheduling a personalized visit to assist you with improving your properties chances of surviving the next fire, please contact the DMRVFD at 426-2800 to set up an appointment.  Thanks to all who attended, and a special thanks to our support team for making our annual meeting a success.

Fireman Roberta Daugherty - Fire Wise Coordinator and Fireman and & retired Fire Marshall Stewart Billingsley - Fire Wise Co Chairman

                                                                      (See Firewise page on this site for photos of the event)


Emergency Call 911

DMR Volunteer Fire Department 

101-A Yellow Knife Trail, Fort Davis, TX 79734
Phone 432-426-2800


                                                                HIGHWAY TRASH PICK UP

On Wednesday, November 28, 2018, the DMR VFD had their last trash pick up for the year.  There were eight volunteers who  show up on this horribly windy day. Thankfully there was not very much trash we only had one and a half bags full. The guys took the north side were Marvin, Stewart and Ken.  The girls took the south side, Maria, Cindy, Kathy, and myself. Mariel cleaned up around the mailboxes. The guys found the most unusual item which was a sequence of small airplane size bottles of booze. I think they said there was around seven or eight of them.

Edna Queen

Mike Fryer


June 10, 2018 10:48 PM

A firefighter died from injuries he sustained while battling a grass fire in the Davis Mountains in West Texas on Sunday, according to fire officials in Weatherford.  Andy Loller, 42, a Weatherford firefighter, was deployed to assist firefighters across the state at the Scenic Loop Complex in Jeff Davis County, Weatherford Fire Marshal Bob Hopkins said.


Mike Fryer - Chief
Marvin Voiers - President
Cathy Gossett - Vice-President
Shannon Barron - Treasurer
Edna Queen - Secretary
Ken Gossett - Board Member at Larg

Ken Gossett

Member At