BOARD OF DIRECTORS
                                                                                                                     101 A Yellowknife Trail
                                                                                                                     Fort Davis, Texas 79734

Dear fellow property owners,

We are writing to remind and inform fellow property owners of fire season. Fire season is technically
all year long, but those of you who have lived out here awhile know that historically speaking, our fire
season peaks during our spring and early summer rainy season. It can start as early as April and run
through June. It is the time of violent lightning storms that may or may not come with rain. We are still
in a severe drought, even with the moisture we have received in the last month of snowy weather. It is
of extreme importance that everyone does all they can to help reduce the chance of fire around their
own property.

Here are some suggestions that will help you protect your home in the event of a fire:
    • Trim limbs and branches up to 6 feet from the ground to have a cleared understory.
    • If possible, remove smaller trees and brush, and mow grasses at least 25 feet but preferably    
      50 feet, from around your home.
    • Do not have firewood stored under or on porches and decks.
    • Do not store flammable material, gasoline, diesel, portable propane tanks, etc. on or under  
      your deck or porch.
    • The National Firewise website, is an excellent source for more information.

If you see a fire or smoke, please call 911! It is the fastest way to let the fire department know. The
dispatchers will radio our fire chief who will in turn notify our firefighters.
In the event of a wildland fire approaching the Davis Mountain Resort, it would be in your best
interest to have the following (everyone’s circumstances are different and these are suggestions; you
know best what you might need):

   ▪ A “go bag” -- a bag, backpack, small suitcase -- containing a change of clothes, toiletries,
     money and maybe some water, food or snacks to last a day or two.
   ▪ Remember to take your medications with you as you may not be able to have a new
     prescription issued easily. Important papers, insurance documents, titles etc.
   ▪ Only grab keepsakes and mementos after you have packed necessities. It helps to have a list
     so that you don’t end up packing your TV remote!
   ▪ Don’t forget your pets, pet food and pet medications.
   ▪ It is recommended if you can, evacuate early as you could be trapped in the DMR if you decide
     to wait until the last minute to leave.
   ▪ Please before you leave, place a note on your door that you have evacuated. Name and
     contact information is all that’s needed. It will save a lot of time to know at a glance that your
     house is empty and we do not need to search individual houses for people.

If and when a fire is approaching the DMR, be aware that the call to evacuate must come from the
County Judge in coordination with the Emergency Management Officer and Fire Marshal. Our fire
chief alone cannot call for an evacuation, nor can the Property Owners Association. Your best option
is to sign up for the Emergency Reverse 911 service to receive informational phone calls, texts and/or
emails at this website:

If you don’t have Internet access, you can call the Fire Marshal, Roy Hurley, at 432-426-3333 (office)
or 432-244-9221 (cell). The Davis Mountains Property Owners Association Volunteer Fire
Department, Inc. does not maintain a list to contact residents in emergency situations.

If evacuating,
the Sheriff’s Department and Parks and Wildlife officers or Game Wardens will most
likely conduct the evacuation. If you choose to stay instead of evacuating, the Sheriff’s Department
will not allow you to drive around in the DMR because the roads must remain clear for fire trucks. In
years past there have been up to 100 + people and trucks that have come in from all over the state
and country to assist with firefighting. It is important to keep the roads clear for them to be able to
do their work. We may be lucky to have only certain parts of the DMR evacuated. But it is still vital to
stay off the roads as much as possible. In addition, if you are evacuated, you may not be let back in
until the Judge declares it safe to do so.
The area around the POA community building and fire station may have to be closed to non-
emergency personal. The area directly in front of the maintenance barn is considered an emergency
landing zone. Please do not park on or around that location. Know that we are not alone, Fort Davis
fire department will respond in an emergency. After that, the Texas Forest service and TIFMAS (Texas
Intrastate Fire Mutual Aid System). Then the Federal Fire Management Southern Command if

We are always looking for new members to join our fire department. If you are interested, the fire
department meets the second and last Sunday of the month in the fire station at 1:00 pm. Stay up to
date with the DMRVFD by logging on to our website, .


DMPOAVFD, Inc., Board of Directors

Cathy Gossett, President
Ken Gossett, Vice President and Fire Chief
Marvin Voiers, Treasurer
Edna Queen, Secretary
March 26, 2021 Letter to DMR Property Owners