On October 27th, the DMR Firewise community held their 2018 annual meeting.  Attendees viewed the video, "Wildfire" and received an Information package to guide their efforts at hardening their property against fire. Training was followed by a Q&A session to answer specific questions, and refreshments were served.  If you missed our meeting, and are interested in scheduling a personalized visit to assist you with improving your properties chances of surviving the next fire, please contact the DMRVFD at 426-2800 to set up an
appointment.  Thanks to all who attended, and a special thanks to our support team for making our annual

meeting a success.

For Mitigation information under the Firewise program, check out Mitigation page in this site.

For Brush Pile Burning information under the Firewise program, check out the Brush Pile Burning page on this site.

                                               April 1, 2017  FIREWISE PRESENTATION

On April 1, 2017 a short training program was presented to department support members.  Attendees viewed a "Wildfire preventing Home Ignitions" video, followed by a question and answer session.  Each attendee was provided a "West Texas Fire Extinguisher kit".  The Fire Extinguisher kits are not a joke.  Keep a jug of water in the plastic tub along with a burlap bag.  It was suggested that liquid dish soap be added to the water.  Fighting small areas can be very effective with the wet burlap bag.

                                              May 4, 2019 FIREWISE PRESENTATION

Our "National Wildfire Preparedness Day" Firewise event was a big success, with 37 in attendance.  The food was great,

the program was informative, and meeting up with our friends and neighbors made it a fun event.  A special thanks to

Robyn Griffith and Tyler Brown, TFS wildland Urban Interface specialist who attended and provided our program.

At the meeting the Davis Mountain Community Church presented the fire department with a check for $1600 raised at

their "Spring Fling" which benefited the DMR fire department. We are very grateful for their continuing efforts to

support our department.