Ken Gossett


     Charles Court                           Donna Monroe                         Paul Conner                   Edna Queen              Michael Garcia

                                                                                                                   January 13, 2019 Training Session

On Sunday January 13th, the DMR VFD spent the day working on the station and the trucks. The Fire trucks were cleaned and the old gasoline was siphoned out of the pumps and replaced with new fuel. The pumps were operated for a few minutes to insure that they were in good working order. The station’s propane lines were checked for any leaks. The old jeep was stripped of its pump and hose reel in preparation of its sale. The 51 year old jeep has been retired as a piece of firefighting equipment.  The Fire trucks were exercised for a few minutes. Fortunately we have had little need to use them.  The DMRVFD has received a $20,000.00 grant from the Texas Forest service to purchase fire and rescue equipment for the department.  HB-2604 grants are extremely important to small rural departments to supplement our limited funds.  We will use our grant to improve our rescue and emergency response capabilities. This grant will allow our department to replace outdated equipment or to purchase equipment that we have been lacking. The grant does not cover PPE.  Therefore, we will use our ESD funds to outfit our new personnel for fire school.  Fire School is February 21 - 24 in Fort Davis.  We hope to have 8 to 10 people in attendance. 

We had 3 new firemen join our department in the last two months of 2018. We are always on the look out for new firemen to join our department.

Cathy Gossett


2019 July 17 - McCoy Fire

July 17th, Fire chief Ken Gossett and assistant fire chief Paul Conner
photographed while assisted  Fort Davis VFD and Texas Forest service
firefighters on a 135 acre lighting strike fire in the north of the
county.  Lonnie Hebert from FDVFD is shown driving the type 6 brush
triuck.  The DMRVFD is one of four fire departments in the county, we
all pitch in to provide support in the event of a fire. Thanks to John
Morlock FDVFD for providing the photo.


Emergency Call 911

DMR Volunteer Fire Department 

101-A Yellow Knife Trail, Fort Davis, TX 79734
Phone 432-426-2800



On June 5, 2019, the DMRVFD lit the burn pile.


                                                                                         OUR 2019 - 2020 DMRVFD CHIEF & BOARD OF DIRECTORS

Ken Gossett - Chief
Paul Conner  - Asst. Chief
Cathy Gossett - President
Cindy Davis - Vice-President
Marvin Voier - Treasurer
Edna Queen - Secretary                                            

                                                                                        Ken Gossett         Paul Conner    Cathy Gossett  Cindy Davis      Marvin Voier   Edna Queen

                                                                                             Chief                Asst. Chief           President             VP                 Treasurer        Secretary

Paul Conner