ANNUAL MITIGATION - October 6, 2018

Even though it rained pretty heavily last night and the grass was still very wet this morning, we were able to get the mitigation done today.  A big thank you to the people when showed up.  More people helping would have been great but we still got a lot accomplished.  As always the food was outstanding.  Thank you to the usual suspects for bring food to feed mowers.  Thanks to all of the volunteers:  Willis and Maria LeJeune, Cathy and Ken Gossett, Sandi and Stewart Billingsley, Vicky and Paul Conners, Darrel Lewallen, Sam House, Rebecca Leach, Bert Legarde, Marvin Voiers, Diana Strong Brevard, Jeanette Williams, Mariel Davis, Cindy Davis, Janette Winters, Edna and Sam Queen and our Chief Mike Fryer.      Thank you, Edna Queen - DMRVFD Secretary

                                                                                                             September 28, 2019 Mitigation

I want to thank our members and supporters in the community for coming together September 28th, to reduce the fuel around the community center, fire station and maintenance barn.  With the grass trimmed short, this area provides a safe zone for residents to shelter in the event of a fire.  Your effort on this annual mitigation project counts toward meeting our communities 2019 Firewise goal.

Thanks again.
Ken Gossett  - Fire Chief