March 25, 2018  -  Today's training focused on fire extinguishers.  Class time covered OSHA fire extinguisher training objectives.  Attendees followed up class time with an opportunity to practice with a live fire exercise.  The practice provided fun for all.   Thanks Edna for the photos!


On July 28, 2017, the DMR VFD Support Group and Chief cleaned up the DMR VFD section of Highway 166.  Thanks to everyone that turned out to help!  Feel like joining in next time? Call Edna at 426-2111
L-R:  Back Row - Edna, Ken, Willis, Ray, Marvin, Sam
          Front Row: Pam, Cathy, DJ, Shannon, Maria, Chuck

                                                                                                    EMERGENCY USE OF TOURNIQUETS CLASS

Sunday, August 29 during the regular training day for the DMVFD Fireman Bert Lagarde conducted a class on the emergency use of tourniquets. Fireman Lagarde is a paramedic and the director  of the Marfa EMS. We had a really good turn out with a mixture of firemen, support team members, and community members. The class was extremely informative. At the end of class participants were given a tourniquet to add to their own personal first aid kits.

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June 10, 2018 10:48 PM

A firefighter died from injuries he sustained while battling a grass fire in the Davis Mountains in West Texas on Sunday, according to fire officials in Weatherford.  Andy Loller, 42, a Weatherford firefighter, was deployed to assist firefighters across the state at the Scenic Loop Complex in Jeff Davis County, Weatherford Fire Marshal Bob Hopkins said.

Burn Pile Lit
On Saturday July 15th the department conducted controlled burn to eliminate accumulated fuel in the community slash pile.  The burn plan was approved by the county fire marshal and favorable spot weather forecasts from the national weather service allowed the burn to proceed. Smoke abatement was provided by conducting a hot burn sending smoke up and out of the valley.  We will call our burn a success if our neighbors are unaware it happened.  K. Gossett - Chief  
Update:  Thanks to our great firemen managing the controlled burn and to the support group members tending to the fire station telephones and providing and serving food to the firemen, the burn went without a hitch.   (Thanks to Chief Gossett, Cathy Gossett, Edna Queen and others for the photos)

On September 16th the DMR Fire Department held our Firewise mitigation work day and annual meeting.  Lots of people brought their weed trimmers and helped to make the area around our Community Center a fire safe zone.   Work began at 9AM with a break for lunch and a Firewise program by the Texas Forest Service before returning to work to finish the job.  Hamburgers and hot dogs were served.  Everyone is reminded that if you have performed mitigation work on your property this year, bring your total hours worked to help our program meet its annual mitigation goal

                                                    BRUSH PILE BURNED
On Sunday, September 9, 2018, the DMR VFD burned the brush pile. The conditions were good for doing this and it needed to get done as the brush pile was very large. If you see or smell smoke, that is probably what it is. If you see or smell smoke outside the area of the community center, please call 911 and we will check it out. Y'all have a great day today!   Marvin Voiers - Pres. DMR VFD Support Group

Photos by Edna Queen

Feb. 20, 2018 Highway Trash Clean Up

The trash pick was a great success despite the wind.  Support members who showed up to help were Sam House, Janette Winters, Maria and Willis LeJeune, Marvin Voiers, Mercedes Gonzalez, Edna Queen, Cathy Gossett and Sue and Chuck Smith.  Community Members who helped out were Terry Biegler, Mariel Davis and David Wilson.

2017th Annual DMR VFD Christmas Party

Our annual Christmas party, on December 16th was a big success, with over 60 in attendance.  I want to thank all those that helped make our event a success.  I wish you all a happy and safe holiday season and a prosperous new year.

Ken Gossett - DMR VFD Fire Chief     Click here for photos of the event!

The Sept. 2nd Pie and Dance benefit for the DMR Volunteer Fire Department was a great success with $880.00 raised.  The DMR VFD Support Members did a great job with the help of property owners and friends.  Three long tables were full of pies of all kinds, from savory to sweet.  Special thanks to Edna Queen for spearheading the event and the DJ Jules for the great music.  The DMR VFD is our first line defense.  It can always use people wanting to be trained as firemen as well as Support Group members!  

Cathy completed basic wildland fire fighter training at this Spring's fire academy and participated in today's prescribed burn

Aug. 20, 2018 Highway Trash Clean Up

The DMRVFD support team picked up trash on our section of Highway 166, mile marker 179-181. Thanks to everyone who came out to help. We had 10 Volunteers this time.  Members that volunteered were Cathy Gossett, Sam House, Maria LeJeune, Marvin Voiers, Janette Winters, Shannon Barron, Mariel Davis, Mercedes Gonzalez, Ray Queen and Edna Queen.  Our section of Hwy 166 was pretty clean;  when we combined the 10 bags we used, we had 2 bags of trash and that was because some idiot dumped a printer on the side of the road! There was a lot of traffic this morning and I want to thank everyone for slowing down for us.


March 27th, the department provided a luncheon for those who worked on our station wiring project. I want to thank our workers for their long hours to complete this project.  With the completion of this part of our station improvement plan, we will be able to utilize our standby generator to provide emergency services in a prolonged power emergency.  Thanks again for all your hard work.

Ken Gossett - Fire Chief