On March 12, 2017, eight DMR firefighters were presented a short Firewise training session followed by field exercises where houses in the community were visited.  Residents fire preparation and mitigation efforts were studied, looking for problem areas, and discussing firefighting tactics that may be employed in the event of a future fire. 

Sept 2017 - New Pad

April 1, 2017 DMR VFD Bi-Annual Support Group Meeting

                                  GENERATOR TRENCH

Last week volunteers of the DMR VFD trenched behind the firehouse to install the trunk line from the generator to the building. The trunk line was inserted into 2" conduit and will be buried. We are now able to power the firehouse by generator power when line power is not available.  06/17/17

May 11, 2017 - Benny Masters  was named  DMR VFD Volunteer of the year.  Thanks Benny for all of your hard work!

Sept. 2017 Mitigation &

  Firewise Presentation

                                                                      SPAGHETTI SUPPER - ARTS & CRAFTS SALE - OPEN HOUSE

On Saturday, May 27, 2017, the DMR VFD Support Group, spearheaded by Edna Queen and other volunteers, put on this amazing fundraiser for the DMR VFD. 

The results of all of the activities were as follows:    Donations - $1480.00    Raffle Tickets - $602.00     Food Sales - $465.82   Arts & Crafts Sales – $251.00      Total = $2,798.82  


                                                                SPAGHETTI SUPPER     

                                                       So many friends of the  DMR VFD 

                                                       turned out for this fundraiser.  They 

                                                       enjoyed their choice of many types

                                                       of spaghetti, salad, garlic bread,

                                                       desert & tea... spaghetti and meat

                                                       sauce, marinara sauce,  pesto,

                                                       meatballs, chicken spaghetti...

                                                       So many choices and all to the music

                                                       of Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra!  

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                                           DMR VFD FIRE CHIEF'S ANNUAL CHRISTMAS DINNER

On Saturday, December 15, 2018, the DMRVFD sponsored it's annual Fire Chief's Christmas Dinner. Many of our firefighters were temporarily tied up fighting a grass fire near Point of Rocks off Hwy 166,  but managed to arrive at the party in time to share some of the great eats.  For newcomers to the DMR, it was a good experience for them to see our firefighters coming back from fighting a fire.  Thanks to all the firefighters, Support Group members and other people who helped make the dinner a success.

Thanks Stewart Billingsley for the photos!

DMR VFD Support Group President Marvin Voiers / Ham Operator

After Marvin retired in 2015 and moved to the DMR, he took part in a Ham Radio Operator's Class in Jan. 2016.  He passed the "Technicial License" test on 01/30/16, the General Class" test 04/28/16 and then the "Extra Class" license on 03/14/2017.  Being a Ham Operator is a fun hobby.  If you are interested in becoming a Ham Operator or have a question, please contact Marvin at 432-299-0290 and he'll try to help you out. 


Donna Bryan was the grand prize winner of the queen sized quilt created by Cathy Gossett.  Ray and Debra McKay won a tin of nuts donated by Fort  Davis Nut Company.   Heather Williamson won a $25.00 gift certificate donated by Stone Stone.  Jackie Edwards won a $10.00 gift certificate donated by Cueva de Leon  restaurant as did Sam and Barbara House.  Sam and Barbara  House also won a $20.00 gift certificate donated by  Lupita's  Restaurant.      

The dip tank located south of the Community Center has been cleaned and repairs.  It is now ready in case of fire.  Thanks to all who helped in the project including Julian Pierce, Mike Fryer, Ken Gossett, Will Dodd, Barbara and Sam House, Raymond McKay and Ray Queen.

Sept. 24, 2017 Radio Training

      2017 DMR VFD MEETING /       


Here are some photos of our Annual Meeting / Elections / BBQ Dinner. 

Thanks to all our DMR VFD Firefighters, Support Group Members, volunteers and all those in attendance who helped make this such a great success!



                2017 Annual Chief's Christmas Dinner Photos

Here are some photos taken at the December 16, 2017 Chief's Christmas Dinner.  Photos submits so far were taken by Jan Pierce,  Edna Queen, Janette Winters and Stewart Billingsley.  More will be added as they are submitted! 


DMR VFD volunteers, support members and firefighters put a new roof and door on the repeater building. This radio repeater is vital to our safety in the DMR as it allows communication with law enforcement, fire and EMS via radio. This is important given the nature of telephone communications in the DMR.  The roof was leaking badly and the door was not secure. After years of neglect the building had become infested with mice, rats and even a snake. The building now has a metal roof and a steel faced door. The worn panels have been replaced with new trim and will soon get a much needed painting.  Special thanks to Benny Masters, Sam House and Willis LeJeune for braving the 100 degree heat to make this happen and to Julian Pierce for spearheading the project.