You have seen the ubiquitous fire truck in the city. Usually a large, long engine designed to pump water from a fire hydrant and made to cruise paved streets.  Our equipment has been engineered and built with our roads and terrain in mind, specifically, shorter wheel base trucks to make tighter turns and those that will transport their own water to a fire. Also, those which can be operated by small crews, 1 to 2 persons. These vehicles will also draught water from existing sources to reduce turnaround time to and from water sources. Our fleet is designed from the larger vehicles with 1,000 gallon tanks to the ATV on loan from town with an 85 gallon tank.

Some of these vehicles have foam units integrated into the water firefighting system to substantially stretch the firefighting capacity of the available water supply. Our water tenders are designed to move water as close as possible to a fire while our brush units are designed to take firefighters as close to the fire as is safe. These brush rigs are all wheel drive and carry the necessary tools and equipment to suppress/extinguish fires off road. We also have a truck specifically designed to service our fire equipment in the field should it need repair. We have primarily designed our equipment to defend structures against fire threats, but we are prepared to fight fire in any situation and so our training reflects the real world nature of firefighting as it can manifest in virtually any manner, from lightning to man made fires.


Loren Spencer - Firefighter



Ranger UTV